5 dinner dishes you can comfortably eat without worrying about gaining weight

Brightside recommends 5 high-protein, high-fiber dishes for your dinner. You can comfortably eat without worrying about gaining weight , they are even very healthy.

1. Egg dishes

Eggs are the ideal source of protein to help you feel full. The most suitable choice for people to lose weight is boiled eggs. However, egg rolls, scrambled eggs that are processed with a moderate amount of fat or without using fat can still help you preserve your weight.

Scientists at the Pennington Endogenous Research Center (USA) said that eating eggs not only reduces the amount of the hormone ghrelin (a hormone that makes us feel hungry) in the stomach, but also significantly increases the amount of hormone PYY 3-36 makes us feel full.

2. Cheese and grapes

A small serving of cheese with about 100 calories can help reduce your appetite and get enough protein for the rest of the day. Casein in cheese also works to raise muscles effectively while helping to sleep better. Melatonin found in grapes also has similar effects on sleep.

3. Chicken breast

Boiled or pan-fried chicken breast is a familiar dish and is almost always present in all diets thanks to the rich protein that helps to quickly fill your stomach and limit appetite. However, although they are effective for weight loss, you should also consume in moderation.

4. Corn

Corn rich in fiber helps you feel full and has the effect of lowering cholesterol. However, if you want to soon achieve your weight loss goal, it is better to prioritize boiled corn, minimizing processed spices such as butter, salt …

5. Fish

Fish rich in omega 3 such as salmon, cod, herring … when eaten in a moderate dose does not make you gain weight, in contrast, omega 3 also has the effect of breaking down fat. In addition, the amount of fish protein is also ideal for muscle maintenance.

Fish also contains a lot of essential vitamins such as vitamins A, D, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and iodine … Especially calcium contained in some fish such as salmon also contributes to strong bones.

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